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  • 鈑金加工|精密機械加工-長峰金工有限公司
    鈑金加工|精密機械加工-長峰金工有限公司 鈑金加工|精密機械加工-長峰金工有限公司 鈑金加工|精密機械加工-長峰金工有限公司

          Hebei Changfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.was set up in 2001, it is situated in the east of 200m from XuShui Exit of Beijing to Shijiazhuang Express. Our transportation is very convenient. Xushui County is in the middle part of Hebei Province, the eastern of Taihang Mountain and in the triangle area of Beijing, Tianjing and Shijiazhuang.(one hour ride from Beijing).
          Our company major in machining in plate, hardware and raw materials of stainless steel, and also in their finish treatment, plastic spraying, paint baking finish, phosphatization treatment, anode protection, galvanizing, nickeling and liquid sand spraying, etc.
          We are able to design and manufacture so your products could be produced in soonest possible time. Quality products, favorite price, guaranteed delivery time make your products more competitive and more profitable. And we also got a couple of big projects in our domestic bidding, such as, Simon Beijing airport project, Beijing Steel factory and Zhangzhou electric cutting, etc.
           We have independent import and export license. We had pleasant cooperation with some companies from American and Canada. The outlet of exportation is increasing steadily occupying 50% of our total output.
          We advocate that “Being concise, creative, creative and more creative.” We cultivated a team of quality staff, advanced management ideas and technology. So your dream could surly come true here.
          We follow our client closely and are creative. Our products contain the brainwork of our clients and high quality of our technology, we believe you could be one of them. All of our staff in the lead of our manager have been branding our name with our reputation.

        ADD:No.68 Fada Road, Xushui, Baoding City, Hebei Province    TEL:0312-8596588 0312-8591888     FAX:0312-8596518    POSTCODE:072550
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